“Weed removal doesn’t have to be a burden”

Weedee PRO®
A machine made for the ultimate experience.


  • So roots from weeds are pulled not cut
  • Easy maneuverability
  • Little feedback passed to the operator
  • Less projection of debris when not using the guard
  • Less wear on the brushes and metal tufts
  • Enables the use of larger brushes

Now available as a all day runtime battery machine.

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Why choose for the Weedee PRO® for weed removal on all kinds of surfaces?

Thanks to the Weedee® and Terrazza Wire TECH® (TWT) weed brushes and the low rotational speed, the Weedee® PRO machine can remove weeds deeply and efficiently.

The easy-to-handle and maneuverable Weedee® PRO machine can be used on all kinds of paved surfaces such as terraces, driveways, car parks, footpaths, etc.,… made of concrete, bricks, cobblestones, clinkers, asphalt, etc.,…

The Weedee® PRO machine is multifunctional thanks to the system of interchangeable brushes.

There are many advantages to working with a Weedee® PRO:

Thanks to the low rotational speed of the brushes, there is:

  • no projection of weeds, mud and dirt
  • no danger of flying sharp objects, such as stones, etc.,…
  • no damage to the surface, walls, signs, street furniture, etc.,….   

The Weedee® PRO is extremely maneuverable thanks to its large wheels and excellent weight optimisation

The solid frame and the powerful engine make vibration-free working possible ( without hardly any noticeable sideways forces )

The easy- brush- change- system allows for fast brush changes

Easy to store and transport thanks to the foldable and adjustable handlebar

Big jobs with large areas or heavy soiling become particularly easy

Multi-purpose: only 1 machine with interchangeable brushes for a wide range of tasks

The Terrazza Wire TECH® brush (TWT)

Thanks to the combination of the bundles of Terrazza Synthetic fibers and the Terrazza Steel wire elements, the TWT can easily remove long and lush weeds from larger surface areas. Because of its unique structure the TWT also takes big parts of the weed roots. 
Weed removal with the Terrazza Wire Tech is the ideal pre- treatment before an in depth weed removal with the Weedee brush.

The Weedee® brush

The Weedee brush removes weeds and mosses from the surface and the joints. Thanks to the patented Terrazza technology the Weedee brush has a very good resistance against the vertical pressure and the weight of the machine, which results in less wear of the brushes. The tufts stay nicely upright and remove the weeds and big parts of the weed roots from the joints. 
The combination of perfect resistance against vertical pressure and the reduced rotation speed of the brushes are a new and unique concept developed by Terrazza MC.

The Terrazza Weedee PRO® kit consists of:

1 . The Weedee PRO® machine

Specifications machine
Power: 4,5 kW
Motortype: HONDA GXV 160
Rotation speed: +-<200rt/min
Weight: 79 kg
Dimensions: 160cm x 80cm x 73cm
Sound pressure level dB(A): 88DB(A)
Hand arm vibration ahwd: 5.3 m/s2
Work width diameter: 45cm – Weedee brush
: 70cm – TWT brush
tech spec may vary

2. The Weedee® weed removal brush

Removes weed and mosses from the surfaces and from in between the joints

3. Terrazza Wire TECH

Removes long lush weeds from large areas

Other compatible brushes for the Weedee PRO® machine:

Terrazza Omnitech®

Sweeper collector

Terrazza Axi®

Big yellow multipurpose brush

Terrazza Sweeper

sweeping brush