The perfect equipment to clean hard surfaces inside and outside.

The TMC KIT is perfect to clean any type of horizontal surface, it is therefore the best friend of the professional gardener, window cleaner, professional paver or the professional cleaning service.

The kit contains

1 x Floorpul 17″ monobrush machine
1 x TMC Mainbrush
12 x Mainbrush spacers
1 x Coco resanding brush
1 x RAZZA minibrush

Using the Terrazza brush with his unique patented structure you can clean the typical outside surfaces such as driveways, car parks, garden paths, terraces etc,. Any type of material is allowed such as pavers, natural stones, concrete, wood of any type ( bankirai) etc. Most important is the fact that you can do all of that just using WATER!

Block paving before cleaning with TMC kit
Block paving after cleaning with TMC kit

The TMC kit is therefore extreme and unique with this “environmental friendly” concept.

No need to worry about plants, weeds, animals or children if you are cleaning very dirty surfaces in the garden, just use our TMC Kit and WATER.

But more than outside you can also use this unique brush inside to help you with the difficult jobs such as removing cement residue, rubber traces of car tires, oil stains etc. Also cleaning anti-slip floors in kitchens, swimming pools and industrial plants is done with the TMC KIT.

Developed in Belgium by Terrazza MC to be an ‘ecologically friendly’ indoor and outdoor cleaning concept for vertical and horizontal surfaces.

For the maintenance of cobblestone, natural stone, wood, bricks, rubber floors, removing cement film, weeds, etc. An original unique patented brush with long bristles for cleaning grooves, the short bristles brush the surface at the same time.

The combination of the dirt (in the grooves and on the surface) with water generates an ecological footprint and sustainability. So no use of detergents or environmentally unfriendly chemicals.

  • Low amounts of water (all kinds), low noise and low energy use = low CO2 exhaust.
  • Less cleaning due to no damage to the surface.
  • Economic Impact / Profitability


  • Less frequent cleaning required due to no damage to the surface
  • No use of expensive detergents or chemicals
  • Combination of weed control and cleaning at the same time.

TerrazzaMC Brush in action: