WallePRO – KIt


For every Wall – for every structure

After a treatment with the Terrazza Wallee PRO cleaning solution, the result will surprise you.

In a short time, your hard surface looks like new again!

The Terrazza Wallee Brush can be used on:

• Natural stone

• Concrete

• Wooden

• Synthetic ramps

• Synthetic surface of playgrounds or sports fields

• Asphalt

• Metal

• Cement

• Paint (always test before usage!)



Complete WalleePRO kit with machine, case and Wallee Brush


Terrazza Wallee PRO sustainable and ecological cleaning and moss removal of all kinds of hard surfaces.

Thanks to a unique and worldwide patented brush system, virtually all types of vertical surfaces can be cleaned with the Wallee PRO wall cleaning machine. The combination of long and short brush tufts on the Terrazza brush not only cleans the surface but also removes dirt from between the joints.

The mother brush is equipped with 3 brush elements that
are adjustable in height by means of extenders. Due to the difference
in length of the synthetic tufts, optimal cleaning can be achieved. The shorter tufts ensure cleaning of the surface while the longer tufts remove the dirt from between the joints.

There are numerous advantages when cleaning with the specially patented Terrazza Wallee-PRO:

  • due to the unique combination of long and short tufts, the dirt is removed both from the surface and from between the joints.
  • due to the polishing effect of the brush, the surface is not damaged (in contrast to the use of high pressure)
  • due to the fact the surface is not roughened damaged the adhesion of new dirt after cleaning is reduced to a minimum.
  • the cleaning is done by the rotation of the brushes:  no use is made of chemical agents or detergents, nor of high pressure.
  • there is no projection of dirt or contamination of walls and windows.
  • the original colour of the walls re-appears.
  • in the treatment of wooden ramps, the slippery condition disappears and thus the risk of slipping is reduced.
  • No high pressure or steam is used, so no risk of water infiltration and damage.
  • No time-consuming preparation of buildings needed because of no risk of infiltration.
  • Works on all types of surfaces:  wood-stone- concrete-natural stone, etc.
  • Ideal for fragile and exclusive restorations.
  • Recommended by architects
  • Ideal for gardeners and professionals (already using the Terrazza MC Kit) to clean terrace walls, garden portals etc.

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