TMC Weedee PRO Kit


Terrazza MC patented technology

Endurance : the Terrazza Weedee PRO.

Thanks to the weight optimization and his big wheels, the Weedee PRO is extremely manoeuvrable.

Because of the reduced  speed, the brush rotates at a slow speed which has following advantages :

  • removes weeds as well as large portion of weed roots.
  • no projection of weeds and mud.
  • no projection of flying stones or other sharp objects.
  • no damage to the surface, pavements, walls, street furniture, etc

The solid frame and the powerful engine allow vibration-free working over a long time with hardly  noticeable lateral forces.

WEEDEE PRO clearing kerbs

A quick-change system allows easy switching between the brushes .

The handlebar is foldable and adjustable without tools.

The TWT brush has a cleaning width of more than 70 cm.

The Weedee PRO creates with the TWT brush a safety zone to protect stone borders, street furniture, light posts, etc.,…



Terrazza Weedee PRO : in depth and efficient weed removal with the Weedee brush and the Terrazza Wire TECH brush.

With its petrol engine, the Terrazza Weedee PRO is a unique weed removal machine thanks to its reduced rotation speed and its excellent manoeuvrability. The Weedee PRO removes weed and mosses from hard surfaces without the use of chemicals, high pressure or a thermic treatment.

Two brushes can be mounted on the Weedee PRO : the new Terrazza Wire TECH brush ( TWT) and the Weedee brush. Thanks to the combination of the bundles of Terrazza Synthetic fibres and the Terrazza Steel wire elements the TWT can easily remove long and lush weeds from larger surface areas.

The Weedee brush on the other hand, removes weeds and mosses from hard surfaces and from the joints. The weeds disappear and stay away for a longer period of time, resulting in a nice clean surface.

Weedee Brush

The Terrazza Weedee PRO can be used on all sorts of paved surfaces : terraces, driveways, parking lots, pavements, etc. Made out of concrete, brick, cobblestone, asphalt, etc.,…

The Terrazza Weedee PRO machine is especially designed for the needs of professional cleaning companies, contractors, landscape gardeners and for local authorities.

Durable and ecological weed removal:

The weed removal can be done using either one or both brushes:

-The new Terrazza Wire TECH ( TWT) brush composed of bundles of Terrazza Synthetic fibres and Terrazza Steel wire elements removes long and lush weeds from hard surfaces. Weed removal with the Terrazza Wire Tech is the ideal pre- treatment before an in depth weed removal with the Weedee brush.®.

TWT – Terrazza Wire Tech brush

-The Weedee brush removes weeds and mosses from the surface and the joints. Thanks to the patented Terrazza technology the Weedee brush has a very good resistance against the vertical pressure and the weight of the machine, which results in less usage of the brushes. The tufts stay nicely upright and remove the weeds and big parts of the weed roots from the joints.

The combination of perfect resistance against vertical pressure and the reduced rotation speed of the brushes are a new and unique concept developed by Terrazza MC.

Without the use of heat or steam or chemical agents, the surface is weed free in no time, respectful of the environment.

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