Terrazza Geotex PRO:  cleaning your Geo-textile fields without damaging the surface, thanks to the Geo TECH brush

Thanks to the Geo TECH brush, the Terrazza Geotex PRO is the ideal machine for cleaning and removing weeds on all sorts of geotextile ( woven and non-woven anti-root control fabric) and the aisles, passages and working area.

With its petrol engine, the Terrazza Weedee PRO is unique because of the reduced rotation speed of the brushes. Weeds, dirt, discolorations (algae’s or water salination ) and slippery substances are removed from the anti-root underlay, the aisles and the working area. Cleaning and weed control with the Geotex PRO is also chemical free and requires no high pressure or thermic treatment.

Three different brushes can be mounted on the Geotex PRO:

° the Terrazza Geo TECH ( TGT), brush for Geo-textile

° the Terrazza Weedee, weed removal brush

° the Terrazza Sweeper, sweeping brush

The Geotex PRO is 3 in one! 

  1. The Geo TECH brush consists of synthetic fibres and abrasive fibres. Thanks to this combination of fibres , the brush cleans thoroughly and in all safety, all sorts of Geo-textile. Weeds ,dirt, mud and even sticky material are removed from the surface. The protection cap makes sure that the dirt is left in one line next to the machine where it can be easily collected.
  1. The Weedee brush removes weeds and mosses from hard surfaces and the joints thanks to the patented Terrazza MC technology. The weeds disappear and stay away for a longer period of time, resulting in a nice clean surface.
  2. The Terrazza Sweeper, is developed for the daily maintenance and sweeps spilled dirt and remnants of plants left in the aisles.

The Terrazza Geotex PRO is developed as a response to the demands and wishes of the nurseries and agriculturists. It is ideal for the maintenance of the infrastructure, inside as well as outside. 

Sustainable and ecological maintenance of your infrastructure

The Geo TECH allows you to clean all sorts of geotextile. Depending on the kind of surface and the degree of pollution , cleaning can be done with or without the use of water.

Terrazza MC developed a unique concept thanks to the combination of perfectly controlled vertical pressure , minimal resistance and a reduced rotation speed. Cleaning with the Geotex PRO means chemical free cleaning which makes the Geotex PRO the ideal tool to work around plants and humans.

Thanks to the combination of reduced rotation speed  and the resistance to the vertical pressure , the Weedee brush removes weeds and mosses from the surface and the joints. Paths, aisles, the working place, terraces in concrete or tiles will look nice and clean in no time. The longs synthetic fibres allow to penetrate in the joints and one obtains an immediate, long lasting result.

The Terrazza Sweeper on the other hand, sweeps everything that’s left in the aisles or in the working area on the terrain of the nursery. Thanks to the large work width and the numerous fibres , a lot of space can be covered in record time.

Unique and efficient: the Terrazza Geotex PRO

Thanks to the weight optimization and his big wheels, the Weedee PRO is extremely manoeuvrable.

The brushes rotate at a reduced speed which has following advantages:

° no projection of weeds, mud or sharp objects.

° avoids spreading seedlings.

° no damage of the surface, borders or sprinklers.

° relatively little dust, so comfortable to work with, inside and out.

° the brushes clean thoroughly, especially with the use of water.

° the Geo TECH brush also makes the surface nice and smooth – takes away slipperiness.

° saves time in the daily cleaning routine.

Other advantages:

° a quick-change system allows easy switching between the 3 brushes

° the handlebar is fold able and adjustable without the use of tools.

° compact measurements, easy to store or transport.